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   Carla Howell in TV Debates

"Howell's ballot question to eliminate the state income tax - and the campaign for governor she has built around it - shows more ideological courage than Republican Mitt Romney or Democrat Shannon O'Brien will probably ever have."
- Boston Herald, September 23,2002

Carla Howell heads the 2010 ballot Initiative to Roll Back the Massachusetts Sales Tax to 3%
As of January 2010, sales tax cut leads in polls 49% to 44%.

Carla Howell chaired the 2002 ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax
Won 45% of the vote - in Big Government Massachusetts!

Carla Howell called for a rematch in 2008: Second ballot initiative to End the Income Tax!
Won endorsements of Wall Street Journal and Steve Forbes. Forced Teachers Union to spend $7 million to defeat it this time.

The Center For Small Government
Carla Howell is President of the only organization in American dedicated to - not just to limiting the growth of government - but to turning it around and making government small through specific proposals and campaigns to boldly shrink the size, spending, taxes, scope and authority of Big Government.

Maybe We Would Be Amazed
Carla Howell's unique song-and-booklet packge - a breakthough for education freedom

How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes?
Carla Howell spoofs on taxes in song

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