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About Carla Howell

Ms. Howell has been a candidate, spokesperson, and campaign consultant for some of the boldest and most effective small government campaigns in America. She currently heads the new Committee For Small Government, sponsor of the Massachusetts ballot initiative campaign to End the Income Tax in 2008. She and her supporters collected over 123,000 signatures over two required petition drives to qualify it for the statewide Novemeber 4, 2008 ballot as Question 1.

Carla Howell was also Co-Founder and Chair of the first Committee For Small Government, sponsor of the 2002 ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax in Massachusetts. It was the boldest tax cut initiative in America since the Boston Tea Party. To the surprise of the Massachusetts political establishment, it nearly won with 45% of the vote - 8-21% higher than polls predicted. It is an unprecedented affirmation of the will of voters to boldly cut taxes and government spending - even in Big Government Massachusetts.

Carla Howell is also the publisher of Small Government News, an online email newsletter, and heads the Center For Small Government, an organization uniquely committed to shrinking government taxes and spending from their current levels and moving Big Government in the direction of small government.

Prior to becoming politically active, Carla Howell's 25-year business career gave her the opportunity to witness the devastating effects of Big Government Programs on education, health care, business, families, and communities. Since 1989 she has researched and written about the impact of government policies.

Carla Howell has made the case for Ending the Income Tax in three radio debates and six televised debates and has appeared on on all major television and radio station in Massachusetts as well as nationally on CNN and Fox News. She has written columns for the Boston Globe, Commonwealth Magazine, LewRockwell.com, and the Providence Journal. Her End the Income Tax campaigns have been reported on in hundreds of newspapers and magazines worldwide including the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, the LA Times, the Economist, the American Spectator, and the Wall Street Journal.

Running For Office

With her End the Income Tax as the focal point of her campaign, Carla Howell ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. No other candidate for Governor in American history has proposed such a dramatic, immediate cut in taxes – with the teeth of a ballot Initiative to back it up.

As Governor, she pledged to veto any budget higher than $14 billion. With an eye towards eventually electing enough legislators to sustain a governor veto, she solicited and secured a written pledge from twelve legislative candidates who were on the ballot for November 2002 to join her and vote against any state budget higher than $14 billion.

In 2000, Carla Howell ran for U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy and received 308,860 votes – almost beating the Republican candidate. Her campaign raised over $821,000 dollars from 5,106 individual donors and activated 726 volunteers. It was the most successful third party Senate race in America in 2000 according to Campaigns and Elections magazine.

Both Carla Howell’s race for Governor in 2002 and her 2000 Senate race were built on her trademark theme: small government is beautifulSM.

Carla Howell began to blow the whistle on overspending, misspending, and waste in the Massachusetts state government when she ran for State Auditor in 1998. Her candidacy won the endorsement of the Boston Herald.

Carla Howell had recruited dozens of small government candidates for office and consulted for dozens of small government local, statewide and federal campaigns across America.

Champion For New Jobs

During the early 1980’s while managing software product lines by day and studying for her MBA by night, Carla Howell intensified her interest in the economy. She experienced first hand how government meddling decimates American jobs and American industries. She became a passionate advocate of free markets unencumbered by Big Government meddling, individual liberty, private charity, and personal responsibility.

This was a major factor in Carla Howell’s decision to launch her 2002 End the Income Tax ballot initiative.

Ending the Income Tax would stimulate investment and create 300,000 to 500,000 desperately needed new jobs in Massachusetts.

A Bold, Small Government Candidate

Carla Howell was a very rare candidate who called for shrinking, rather than growing or sustaining, Big Government. Unlike her opponents who sought to be the person in charge of a large and growing state budget, Carla Howell ran for one simple reason: to make government small. She is committed to bold tax cuts, bold spending cuts, and huge, immediate relief for taxpayers.

Carla Howell represents the forgotten taxpayer. The forgotten worker. The forgotten voter.


Carla Howell is also a songwriter. She wrote the song How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes, a spoof of the income tax. She performed and co-produced it for release in 2001. It has been played on dozens of radio stations across America.

In 2003, she released her unique song-and-booklet package Maybe We Would Be Amazed on the topic of education freedom.

Other Biographical Information

Carla Howell has worked in the private sector in engineering, management, and marketing in the fields of high tech, health care, and small business.

Ms. Howell earned her MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts in 1986 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bethany College in Math/Computer Science (1976). She worked at Westinghouse Electric, Computervision Corporation, and Analog Devices, and consulted for numerous small and medium-sized businesses in Massachusetts.

Copyright 2002 Carla Howell and Michael Cloud